Life at BRON


Our community is comprised of individuals who have a strong work ethic, who can crack a joke even while under pressure, and most importantly, are excited to work in a studio where they can make a difference. Our talented crew members hold broad skill sets that enable them to jump in and help in different roles/capacities when needed.

We provide a casual work environment with an emphasis on teamwork. We host many events and offer opportunities for our teams to bond, socialize and develop their talents (whether it be at drawing or ping pong!)

Studio Activities

BRON’s motto: work hard and play just as hard! Throughout your life at BRON, you will find various activities happening at our main Burnaby studio that will help our crew recharge, such as:

  • Yoga
  • On-site massages
  • Summer soccer league
  • Lunch and learns
  • Fantasy movie league (because Hockey Leagues are so last season)
  • Board games and console video games
  • Group trivia nights

Monthly Events

A major part of the BRON culture is the importance of recognizing and celebrating our crews’ contributions and dedication. We do that by hosting various monthly events throughout the year. It’s a way for us to stop, say thank you, and enjoy the events/festivities.

Some cool stuff we do:

  • Monthlies: to celebrate our production milestones with food and beverages!
  • Crew Appreciation: to honour our birthdays, work anniversaries, promotions & new crew
  • Movie pre-screening perks for BRON productions
  • Competitive game tournaments
  • Year-end holiday parties
  • Halloween parties
  • Summer BBQ parties (complete with an ice cream truck!)