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Rob Lodermeier

Head of Animation

After conquering high school, Rob set out to complete a Neuroscience degree. A disagreement surrounding the comedic analogy of rat brains hitting the pavement prompted him to re-evaluate his aptitude. Luckily, the Vancouver Film School welcomed Rob into the 3D Animation and Visual Effects program. Since graduating he has been animating in the industry for over a decade, working at several studios: Nerd Corps, Bardel, Rainmaker, and Lucasfilm Singapore before coming to BRON in 2012. He has had many key roles, focusing not only on his animation skill set, but also on his ability to lead and motivate herds of animators. Some notable film and TV projects Rob has worked on include: ESCAPE FROM PLANET EARTH, SPACE CHIMPS, STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS, and VIVA PINATA.